Symposium on Networks and Machine Learning @ The Crick

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The Systems and Network Medicine Forum is hosting a Symposium on Network Analysis and Machine Learning Applications in Biology, on Monday 3rd February, 09:00am-13:00pm in The Francis Crick Institute (1 Midland Road, London).

Invited talks: Prof Santo Fortunato, Director of the IU Networks Science Institute (IUNI), USA Dr. Andela Šarić, Associate Professor, Institute for the Physics of Living Systems, UCL, UK Dr Alessia Annibale, Senior Lecturer in Disordered Systems, King’s College London, UK Dr. Andreas Bender, Reader for Molecular Informatics, University of Cambridge, UK Prof Mauricio Barahona, Chair in Biomathematics, Imperial College London, UK Dr. Rob Ewing, Associate Professor in Proteomics and Systems Biology, University of Southampton, UK

The event will be concluded by a student presentations and a networking session.

Please find the full agenda and registration details via Eventbrite.

PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers that would like to present their work on Machine Learning, AI and Network Analytics methods and biomedical applications in the Early Researcher Presentation Session, please send a 100 word summary to by 17th January, 12pm.

This event is organised by Systems and Network Medicine Forum. Systems and Network Medicine Forum is a collaborative network funded by the Crick Networking Fund with members from KCL (Dr. Konstantinos Theofilatos, Prof. Manuel Mayr, Prof. Franca Fraternali, Dr. Sophia Tsoka), UCL (Prof. Lazaros Papageorgiou), Imperial College (Prof. Michael Sternberg, Prof. Marc-Emmanuel Dumas) and The Francis Crick Institute (Prof. Jernej Ule, Prof. Markus Ralser, Dr. Aengus Stewart).